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One of many succes stories – Robi

It was in 11/9/2019 at Ekerege cdc compassion, I visited a lady called Robin in Taranganya, who was living with HIV and aids. The husband was on drugs and never revealed his status to her. Her life started to deterroriate, when she went to the hospital she tested positive to the virus. When she shared this with the husband the husband sent her away with her three kids, she did not have any option but to pack and leave her home going to unknown place. She traveled upto Taranganya PEFA church where she shared to the pastor asking for a support which did not yield fruit.

She later found a good Samaritan who invited her to his home with her kids. Robi refused to accept her status and take drugs, she later became very sick and she was telling everyone that she wants to die that she doesn’t see the reason why she is living, all her hopes and dreams were shattered, until I met her, talked to her and prayers with her. I advised the church to give her a portion of the lane and build her a home so that her kids could find a place they call home.

Today as we speak Robi is a strong woman, God fearing and she is taking good care of her children.

Glory and honor to the God of Israel!

// Rhoda

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